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jacobs piston lamp

Jacobs Radial Aircraft Piston Lamp

  • 5.25" polished, solid aluminum NOS piston from a Jacobs R-755, 7 cylinder radial
  • 120 Volt operation with 50 watt quartz bulb and a built-in dimmer
  • The Original 1944 Jacobs Piston part label is affixed to the bottom of the lamp
  • Includes a booklet on Jacobs Radial Engines and the aircraft they were used on
  • Jacobs Radial engines were used on the WWII Cessna T-50/AT-78 Bobcat multi-engine trainer (aka, Bamboo Bomber) which also served as the first “Songbird” in the early TV series, Sky King.



chevy hemi image

Chevy Hemi Piston Lamp

  • Polished, Dished-top piston with HUGE valve pockets intended for a supercharged hemi 500 C.I. Chevy
  • Aeroquip® hose and fittings
  • “Chrome Dome” hub cap shade
  • 120 Volt, 20 or 40 watt quartz



high comp piston lamp

427 Chevy Hi-Comp Piston Lamp

  • Polished Hi-Compression Big Block Chevy Dome Piston
  • Brushed Aluminum shade or chrome dome shade
  • 120 Volt, 40 watt quartz
  • Options: dimmer and/or chrome aeroquip® gooseneck


triumph lamp

Triumph TR2-3 Piston Lamp

  • 83mm British made piston from an early TR-2 or TR-3 Triumph 4 banger
  • 120 Volt, 40 watt quartz with dimmer
  • 8 foot cord and full felt pad on the bottom.
  • The 1990cc “tractor motor” is the same engine that Ken Richardson used to burn a record setting 124.8 mph (200 kpm)run on the Jabbeke Highway in Belgium back in 1953


ford flat lamp image

‘32 Ford Flat Head Piston Lamp

  • Polished, NOS Ford Flat Head Piston with Ford script logo
  • Stainless Steel 1932 Ford Hub Cap base (not a repro - has the dents to prove it)
  • New 10 foot cloth cord with vintage plug
  • 120 Volt, 20 watt quartz
  • Flex gooseneck recalls the stainless 1932 Ford headlight conduit


ford cj lamp image

Ford 427 Cobra Jet Piston Lamp

  • 427’s and 428’s provide these CJ pistons
  • 120 Volt, 20 watt quartz
  • 8 foot cord and full felt pad on the bottom
  • No cheap LEDs and No 9 volt converters
  • Cal Custom Chrome air filter shade
  • From the days when you might have found a Cobra under any Ford Hood


caddy lamp image

1970’s Cadillac Piston Lamp

  • The “Cadillamp” piston is from a 70’s 472 or 500 C.I. V-8
  • Chrome Dome shade
  • 120 volt, 20 watt quartz
  • Caddy pistons have a nice dish on top - Great place to throw those nuts, bolts and screws that always end up in the washing machine, getting you in trouble with “the boss”.


porsche lamp image

Porsche 911 Piston Lamp

  • KOLBENSCHRIBTISCHLAMPE (piston desk lamp)
  • Piston and matched Cylinder from an early 911
  • 120 Volt, 20 watt quartz
  • 8 foot cord and full felt pad on the bottom
  • Mahle or Kolbenschmidt brand
  • On/Off switch mounted on cylinder cover
  • Aeroquip® gooseneck option available



nailhead lamp image

Buick Nailhead 401 V8 Piston Lamp

  • A Big, Heavy cast “pin fitted” 60’s Buick piston forms the four inch diameter base of this new desk lamp.
  • Cal Custom air cleaner with 40 watt quartz fixture and bulb behind UV glass lens.
  • Switch can be replaced by a dimmer control.
  • Eight foot cord.
  • If you think of Old Nailheads and Caddys when you hear the word “Big Block”, then this is the lamp for you. Old School Hot Rod Style. Has “BUICK” cast into the piston.







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