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When I start to indulge an interest in anything, I tend to go a little nuts. Cars, Motorcycles, Warbirds, Collecting stuff...

It always ends up with me "acquiring things" and running out of room to store them. With the Piston Lamps-it happened again! Here are some of the pistons that are in line to be made into lamps.

Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin 1650 V-12, P-51 / Spitfire piston. MASSIVE! Came packed in cosmoline and that brown "forever paper", in the original Packard box. Sides are factory polished like sterling silver. I've never seen an NOS one of these before.

50's/60's vintage Drake-Offenhauser Indy Pistons I have 4 of these now. All different. One of them is Magnesium. One has "ART SPARKS" marked inside. I also have a .95 Garrett Turbo with USAC (70's) inspection stamps on it. Might make a nice lamp base.

Bet you didn't know that Chris Craft built a V-8 in 1930 that was 825 C.I.! I happened to find a piston to one of those monsters. 5.5" bore, 6" tall. This thing is like a Canned Ham! Largest piston I've ever found from any Gasoline engine.

It doesn't end there. I have more ideas for parts from the following makes:
Maserati, Austin Healey, Desoto, Hudson, BSA, Triumph and Norton Twin, Harley Davidson Twin




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